Alarming Statistics About Men’s Health

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International Men’s Health Week happens annually on the week preceding Father’s Day. This year, it’s rolling around again on the 13th-19th June 2022.

Alarming Statistics About Men’s Health

Men appear to be on the back foot from the start. [1]

  • A boy born today will live nearly four years less than a girl born in the room next door.
  • Men will be over 20% more likely than women to die of a heart attack.
  • Men are more likely to die from heart disease at earlier ages.
  • Men are almost 30% more likely than women to get diabetes.
  • Men have an increased risk of dying from diabetes.
  • Men are three times more likely to die by suicide or in a motor car crash compared to women.
  • Men are at a significantly higher risk of dying from liver disease.

The top 3 reasons for reduced lifespan in men are cardiovascular disease, suicide, and motor vehicle accidents. [2]

This is why we have International Men’s Health Week – to raise awareness on the issues facing men’s health, and to bring your attention to the small changes that can be made to change these statistics. [3]

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What Can You Do?

Live An Active Lifestyle

  • Men who climb 50 stairs a day lower their risk of heart attack by 25%.
  • Inactive men are 60% more likely to suffer from depression than those who are active.

Get Enough Sleep

  • Men who sleep 7-8 hours a night have 60% less risk of fatal heart attack than those who sleep 5 hours or less.

Take Your Supplements

  • Here are some supplements you can take that are available at SM Health Care Sdn Bhd to reduce your risk of getting the diseases affecting many men.

 Himalaya Arjuna heart wellness available at SM Health Care Sdn Bhd

HIMALAYA Arjuna Heart Wellness (Blood Circulation)

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Protects heart
  • Tonic for heart
  • As an adjuvant in ischemic heart disease
  • Suitable for mild to moderate hypertension
  • Preventive medicine to patients susceptible to ischemic heart disease
 Himalaya Abana available at SM Health Care Sdn Bhd
  • Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Prevent oxidative damage to heart
  • Stimulate lipid breakdown in liver
 Himalaya Diagard available at SM Health Care Sdn Bhd
  • Improve peripheral utilization of glucose
  • Improves insulin secretion
  • Reduces fasting plasma glucose and postprandial plasma glucose levels
  • Prevents long term complications of diabetes
 You can do something about your health. Do it. You owe it to the ones you love and who love you and who depend on you. Tweet this!

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