Hubless Endo Drain
Hubless Endo Drain
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Hubless Endo Drain

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Hubless Endo Drain Kit + Connector :

Fortune® Silicone Hubless Endo Drain Features:

  • 100% medical grade silicone for superior biocompatibility
  • Hubless design
  • X-ray opaque line
  • Multiple narrow ducts structure instead of perforation
  • Reduce withdrawal difficulty against tissue ingrowth
  • Rigid structure offers excellent kink-resistant character
  • Clear connecting tube provides inspection and drainage visibility
  • Available with 4 sizes
  • Sterilized double package
  • Available with pre-connected Trocar: Hubless Endo Drain Kit

Brand: Fortune Medical, Taiwan

1. 19 FR Hubless Endo-Drain + Trocar+J connector
     Code: S-C-F10-2015-9719J
     Packing: 10/BOX

2. 21 FR Hubless Endo-Drain + Trocar+J connector
    Code: S-C-F10-2015-9721J
    Packing: 10/BOX

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