Remois Cleanse Stoma Care
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Remois Cleanse Stoma Care

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Moisturizing cleansing cream swiftly wipes off the dirt on the skin

Skin-friendly cleansing cream. Cleansing and Moisturizing effects can keep the skin condition healthy.

  • Cleansing with water requires additional preparation - Remois Cleanse will detach the dirt of skin and just wiping off the cream can make the skin clean. Cleaning with water is unnecessary and it is convenient to use at bed side or anywhere.
  • Free from uncomfortable, sticky feeling - Cleansing with this cream assures a refreshed feeling without leaving stickiness. The adhesive tapes and ostomy appliances can be applied immediately after wiping off the cream.
  • After cleansing with water, the skin tends to lose moisture - Slightly acidic cream allows less stimulus. Moisturizer added cream will make the skin moist after wiping off and prevent it from dryness.

Packaging:  1 tube of 180g/ 1 box of 10x 5g sachet 
Product of Origin: Japan
Brand: Alcare, Japan

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