Multi Fix Dressing

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Type Product Code no. Specification Contents per box
2 16381 60mm x 70mm 100pcs
3 16382 80mm x 100mm 50pcs
4 16383 100mm x 125mm 50pcs
6 16385 100mm x 200mm 20pcs
S-2 16391 150mm x 150mm 20pcs

Surgical Film with Air Permeability and Waterproofing Property


  • The air permeability and waterproofing property do not permit penetration of water and external contamination
  • A transparent film enables easy followup observation of the wound
  • No.3 is large enough to cover KARAYAHESIVE C-3, while No.5 is for KARAYAHESIVE C-6
  • EOG Sterilized
  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive
  • Water Proof/Drip Proof
Packaging:  Depends on size 
Product of Origin: Japan
Brand: Alcare, Japan