Silkypore Dressing

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Adhesive Island Dressing-Adhesive Dressing


  • A perforated mesh in combination with a non woven pad allows uninterrupted breathing of the skin
  • A moderately soft dressing which can be applied to uneven areas of the skin
  • EOG Sterilized
  • Non Adherent Pad


Code Type Size of Adhesive Part Size of Absorption Part Packaging
12001 SILKYPORE TYPE 2 5.0cm X 7.5cm 2.0cm X 4.0cm 50 pcs/ box 
12002 SILKYPORE TYPE 3 6.0cm X 10cm 3.0cm X 6.5cm  50 pcs/ box 
12003 SILKYPORE TYPE 4 10.0cm X 13.0cm 4.0cm X 6.5cm 20 pcs/ box 
12004 SILKYPORE TYPE 5 10.0cm X 16.0cm 5.0cm X 10.0cm  20 pcs/ box 
12005 SILKYPORE TYPE 6 10.0cm X 21.0cm 5.0cm X 15.0cm  20 pcs/ box 
12006 SILKYPORE TYPE 7 10.0cm X 26.0cm 5.0cm X 20.0cm 20 pcs/ box 
12007 SILKYPORE TYPE 8 10.0cm X 31.0cm 5.0cm X 25.0cm 20 pcs/ box 


Packaging:  Depend on size 
Product Origin:   Japan
Brand:  Alcare, Japan