RUSCH Crystal Clear Tracheostomy (CUFFED)
RUSCH Crystal Clear Tracheostomy (CUFFED)
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RUSCH Crystal Clear Tracheostomy (CUFFED)

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This anatomically shaped PVC tracheostomy tube is designed for long-term respiration.
The high quality soft plastic material ensures the greatest comfort for the patient during use.
The thermosensitive tubing is firm enough for initial insertion, then softens at body
temperature to conform to the anatomy of the respiratory tract. Available with or without the
cylindrical thin-walled soft cuff which ensures effective low pressure sealing. The high grade
materials used have been tested according to medical criteria and reflect our understanding
of high quality

  • Safe and gentle care for patients
  • Smooth shaft Surface 
    • Smooth surface over the entire length due to embedded air delivery changge reduces trauma during intubation and extubation. The continous X-Ray marker on the shaft enable verification of tube position. 
  • Flexible Flange and Rotating Connector
    • Soft and vented fixation flange conforms well to the patient's neck, hence reduces skin irritation. The integrated, rotating 15mm connector for highest possible. 
  • Soft, Cylindrical Thin-walled Cuff
    • Permits effective low-pressure sealing and minimises the risk of trauma and aspirations. The smooth cuff-to-tube transition facilities atraumatic intubation and extubation. 
  • Specially Shaped Tapered Tip
    • Enables atraumatic insertion
  • Printed Size Marking
    • Size marking is printed on the pilot balloon for easy size identification. 
Packing: 5pcs/BOX

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