Remois Barrier Stoma Care (1 Tube of 160g)

Remois Barrier Stoma Care (1 Tube of 160g)

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Waterproof Skin Care Cream

REMOIS BARRIER Skin-moisturizing waterproof cream. Waterproofing and moisturizing skin have effects on maintaining a healthy skin.

  • Keeps the skin clean and safe from irritation - A thin waterproof layer keeps the skin clean and protects from constant external irritation.
  • Prevents serious irritation caused by faeces - PH-buffering ability softly protects the skin from overstimulation. Added moisturizer keeps the skin soft.
  • Free from uncomfortable, sticky feeling - Much less of a sticky feeling on the skin. A soft and natural feeling after use.
Packaging:  1 tube of 160g/ Box 
Product of Origin: Japan
Brand: Alcare, Japan
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