LMA ProSeal Airway
LMA ProSeal Airway
LMA ProSeal Airway
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LMA ProSeal Airway

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LMA ProSeal™ includeds all the benefits associated with an LMA airway: 

  • Fewer drugs
  • Fewer sore throat in adults
  • Reduced coughing and bucking on emergence 
  • Improved haemodynamic stability 

The most versatile re-usable airways 

  • Peace of mind- Passive regurgitation can occur unexpectedly intraoperatively/ LMA ProSeal™ enable the regurgitated fluid to pass up the drainage tube without leaking into the glottis. 
  • Patient comfort- LMA ProSeal™ reduces the likelihood of throat irritation and stimulation, and reduce post operative naesea and vomiting by as much as 40% compared to an ETT
  • Performance- LMA ProSeal™ achieves a high seal pressure, with median seal pressure of 32cm H2O10
  • Aspiration- LMA ProSeal™ has a built- in drain tube that allows expelled gastric content to bypass the pharynx. This specific features is designed to decrease the risk of aspiration. 

Product Specification:

*These are the maximun volumn that should never be exceeded. It is recommeded that the ciff be inflated to a maximum of 60cm H2O inracuff pressure. 

Mask Size Product Code Patient Size Maximum Cuff Volumn (air)* Largest Size OG Tube/salem pump
1 150010 Neonates/ Infants up to 5 kg 4 ml 2.7mm / 8 Fr
1.5 150015 Infants 5-10 kg 7 ml 3.5mm / 10 Fr
2 150020 Infants/ Children 10 - 20 kg 10 ml 3.5mm / 10 Fr
2.5 150025 Children 20 -30 kg 14 ml 4.9mm / 14 Fr
3 150030 Children 30 - 50 kg 20 ml 5.5mm / 16 Fr
4 150040 Adults 50 - 70 kg 30 ml 5.5mm / 16 Fr
5 150050 Adults 70 - 100 kg 40 ml 6.0mm / 18 Fr


Brand: Teleflex
Packing: 1pc/BOX

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