Si-Aid 7 (10cm x 20cm) (30 Pieces)

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 SI-AID TYPE (10cm x 20cm)


Silicone-Faced Wound Dressing

A silicone gel dressing that adheres flexibly and softly and minimizes wound disturbance

  • Can be attached quickly and easily and used on various sites by cutting to suitable shape
  • Reduce damages to new tissues with less slippage
  • Our silicone adheres technology minimize damage to the wound surface and the surrounding skin
  • It readily attaches, even to vertical or downward-facing sites, so that anchoring by tape or bandages can be done quickly, even by the patient. It can be used for wounds at virtually any site, since it can be cut to any shape.
  • SI-Aid's silicone gel mesh reduces slippage between the dressing and the wound surface, by softly adhering to the skin around the wound. It lessens damage to new tissues and ensures minimum wound disturbance.
  • The soft silicone gel mesh disperses the peeling force while pulling away from the skin by contacting the skin in a plane, thus reducing the risk of damage to the wound surface and the surrounding skin.


18752- SI-AID SIZE 5 (100mm x 100mm)

18753- SI-AID SIZE 7 (100mm x 200mm)

18754- SI-AID SIZE 10 - 200mm x 300mm 


Packaging:  30 pcs/ box 
Product Origin:   Japan
Brand:  Alcare, Japan