Cavidagel AG - 30G
Cavidagel AG - 30G
Cavidagel AG - 30G
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Cavidagel AG - 30G

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Product features

  • Clear amorphous hydrogel with alginate.
  • Gentle re-hydrates necrotic tissue.
  • Facilitating autolytic debridement.
  • Able to loosen and absorb slough and exudate.
  • Provide the optimum moist wound management environment during the later stages of wound closure.

Ingredient / Content

  • Sterile hydrogel wound filler with alginate.

How To Use

  • Rinse the wound with physiological saline or tap water.

  • Gently dry the skin around the wound.

  • The wound should not be filled to a higher level than the surrounding skin.

  • Cover with a secondary dressing. For low to medium exuding wounds, choose a hydrocolloid as a secondary dressing. For medium to highly exuding wounds, choose a highly absorbent and highly permeable dressing to cover.

  • To optimize cleansing of necrotic and sloughy wounds, it is recommended to change Cavidagel® Ag at least every 3rd day, due to the larger amount of exudate. In case of clean wounds, Cavidagel® Ag should be changed depending on the amount of exudate.

  • The gel can be removed from the wound by rinsing with physiological saline or tap water.

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