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The CardiAid AED has been specially developed for use in public places for the purpose of performing life-saving defibrillation in the first critical minutes until professional help arrives.

  • CardiAid works automatically and can be operated by anyone
  • Operating the CardiAid is 100% safe. The device only gives a shock when necessary
  • CardiAid automatically switches on by simply opening the cover.
  • Pre-connected electrodes help save time and make the process simpler for the user.
  • “Status indicator lights” provide easy interpretation of the self-test results.
  • CardiAid guides the user step by step with a combination of clear voice instructions, illustrations and lights for the maximum efficiency. All steps are ensured to be applied accurately even if the responder has limited knowledge or experience.
  • CardiAid works with one-button only – the shock button. No on-off button, no time loss!
  • The AED available in 24 languages.
  • CardiAid combines an accurate ECG detection algorithm with high sensitivity and specificity values with its current-based defibrillation technology for the most effective treatment.
  • Paediatric treatment is available with special paediatric electrodes.
  • CardiAid automatically activates paediatric mode when the special paediatric electrodes are plugged in.
  • Any inessential function is omitted to make CardiAid perfect for public access defibrillation. No ECG display, no distraction!
  • CardiAid is ready for any unpredictable situation with high battery capacity to support up to 200 shocks/20 hours of monitoring.
  • CardiAid stores the ECG and incident data with the highest capacity in industry: up to 4 events with a total duration of 3 hours.
  • To minimize the responsibility of the owner and risk of forgetting to charge the battery, CardiAid does not use rechargeable battery.
  • Event and ECG data can be obtained easily through Bluetooth.
  • CardiAid is easily adaptable to future changes in resuscitation guidelines with configurable functions like voice prompts, CPR duration, CPR sequence (30:2 or hands-only); and chest compression frequency (100 to 120 bpm).
  • CardiAid Monitor 2 Technical Service Software offers a whole solution for all needs: Configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, event data monitoring and many more.
  • CardiAid has a unique maintenance policy.
  • The device is programmed to warn every 2 years to remind the due date, reducing the responsibility of the owner.
  • The periodical maintenance consists of battery & electrode replacement and special function tests.
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