Natural Ways To Good Health Since 1930
Himalaya's story began way back in 1930, with a history spanning eight decades in the area of herbal research, Himalaya shares a close relationship with nature. We are in the business of not only promoting good health but also safeguarding the health of our planet. Ever since our inception, we have taken great care to protect biodiversity, collect herbs in a sustainable way and promote good agricultural practices. With our expanding range of products and growth in international markets, Himalaya underwent a rebranding where the entire range was brought under a single umbrella - Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. With the present portfolio of pharmaceuticals, personal care, baby care, well-being and animal health products, Himalaya has evolved into a 'head-to-heel' herbal wellness company.

Today, the Himalaya brand is synonymous with safe and efficacious herbal products. We operate in over 100 countries with close to 500 products, prescribed by 400,000 doctors worldwide, and millions of customers trust us for their health and personal care needs.