What Is Si-Aid & Why Should You Care?

Si-Aid Wound Care Wound Dressing

Silicone material

Silicone material

What Is Si-Aid?

“Si” is short for “silicone”, and “Aid” is, well, aid. The whole idea is to aid your wound with a wound dressing that’s made of silicone, and you will find out why as you read on.

Si-Aid is a silicone gel mesh wound dressing that is made in Japan.


Si-Aid is a silicone gel mesh wound dressing that is made in Japan.

What is wound dressing?

A wound dressing is anything that is used in direct contact with a wound to help it heal and prevent further issues or complications. [1]

A simple example of wound dressing is plaster (also known as band aid). But of course, Si-Aid is a lot more sophisticated than that, although it can also be used as a plaster (that absorbs a whole lot more exudate – absorption as powerful as 10 layers of gauze, to be exact).

plaster or bandaid on knee

A simple example of wound dressing is plaster (also known as band aid).

Why Should You Care About Si-Aid?

1. Mild Peel Technology

Bringing you the most sophisticated mild peel technology, Si-Aid minimizes damage to the wound surface and the surrounding skin.

With Si-Aid, you can lessen damages to new tissues and ensure minimum wound disturbance for better, quicker wound healing. This means less time and money spent on treating a wound, less chances of infection, less scars, and ultimately, a better life quality.

2. No Slippage

The silicone material reduces slippage between the dressing and the wound surface. It readily attaches, even to vertical or downward-facing sites. This means that you can anchor the wound dressing by tape or bandages quickly, and this can even be done by the patient themselves, because it’s that easy.

3. Customizable

Customization to suit your needs is the deal these days.

You can easily cut Si-Aid to any shape so that you can use it at any part of your body. It comes in various sizes – from the size of your palm to the size of your upper body.

4. High Exudate Absorption Rate

Exudate is fluid that leaks out of blood vessels into nearby tissues. The fluid is made of cells, proteins, and solid materials. Exudate may ooze from cuts and wounds or from areas of infection or inflammation. [2]

One piece of Si-Aid is able to absorb exudate that is usually absorbed by 10 layers of gauze. And if that’s not sufficient for the amount of exudate emitted, you can stack multiple Si-Aid’s, one on top of the other, to increase the absorption rate.

SI-AID, made in Japan, available at SM Health Care Sdn Bhd

Si-Aid, silicone gel mesh wound dressing with mild peel technology, available at SM Health Care Sdn Bhd.

Read here for stories of how Si-Aid is used.

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