CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
CPR Pocket Mask - SM Health Care
SM Health Care

CPR Pocket Mask

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  1. Presentation Slide & Sharing
    1. Target to be aim and hit RM 10,000.00
    2. Challenges shared and feedback betterment to be done:-
      1. Conversion Rate & Engagement Time (Low Traffic)
  • Attractive package combo to linger along and conversion
  • Show legit ability of the page
  • Product review and rating
  • How to get the product offered. Step by step simple flow
    1. Visibility of online store
  • Content play an important role. It has to be pack with relevant information but at the same time simple to be understand by customer.
    • Direct to landing page
  • The legit ability play a role in the landing page
  • Details about the company are to be visible to known that not being diverted to another scam page
    1. Low customer return
  • A frequent connection and follow up with customer to increase the return of customer and serve as reminder to come back to the online store
    1. Rejected items in Facebook store
  • To check and reapply back as per facebook policies
  • Change to a more direct, full with info but simple details.
    1. Low follower
  • Check on the review, as this part of the point that retain customer
  • For first time follower & customer that purchase on SM Health Store, can offer a customer loyalty point such as Watson, Guardian & etc.
  • Provide exclusive promo code just for member
  • Leaving review, they will get voucher & etc similar concept.
    • Low organic growth, click & share & post click.
  • Interested with SEO, landing page, legit ability of page & etc.
  1. To be done
    1. Get the Demographic details used and applied by Exabytes
    2. Timeline on what things that needs to be done. Execution, action plan and what need to be achieve.
  2. Summary
    1. Progression evaluation : 2-3 month time
    2. Fix and betterment in term of SEO & posting, designing and content
    3. Adding more features & benefits vouches in SM Store for customer

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