Our Story

SM Health Care Sdn Bhd (also known as Sabah Malaysia Health Care) was established in 2009.
The name was selected because it all began in Sabah, Malaysia.

The founders, Helga Smith, Paulus Lagadan, and Amilia Alcantra were bright-eyed and passionate, and decided to take a leap of faith together as a family.

Founders of SM Health Care Sdn Bhd, Helga Smith, Paulus Lagadan, and Amilia Alcantra, seated together.
(From left)  Amilia Alcantra, Helga Smith and Paulus Lagadan. They started SMHealth together.


In our early days, we began by supplying medical face masks to hospitals in Malaysia, and have grown our product portfolio since then. Now, we specialize in providing medical hospital equipment and furniture, disposables, ostomy and stoma care products, rehabilitation products, and health and wellness supplements.

Over the years, we have grown from a single-room office to a multi-level office in Sabah, and expanded our branches to Sarawak and Selangor. One of our core reasons for continuous growth and expansion is to create more job opportunities for Malaysians - especially Sabah, the land where we were founded.

We started off as a supplier of healthcare and medical products to public hospitals, and we have now diversified and expanded our portfolio to supply to private hospitals and clinics, medical and care centres, and pharmacies. We also saw the need to provide our products and services to customers directly, and have since launched our online store so that your needs can be met and delivered to your doorsteps.

We are registered with Perbendaharaan Malaysia Sabah (PMS) and our manufactured products are registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

We bring health and wellness care for humanity to flourish.
We bring Health and Wellness Care for Humanity to Flourish.

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