Testimonial: "No more leakage and excoriated skin around my stoma!"

Alcare Ostomy Stoma Testimonial

Leakages and excoriated skin (part of the skin surface experiencing damage or removal) are some of the common problems associated with the use of ostomy bags.

One of our customers, Charlene, saw the condition of the skin surrounding her stoma improved after using Procare Paste MF Pate (Non-Alcohol) and Procare Powder for 1 week.

"Hi there, just want to say thank you for your help and advice. My stoma is much better now. I'm an expert of using the paste now!"
- Charlene

Take a look at the stoma and the condition of the skin after just 1 week of using Procare Paste MF Pate (Non-Alcohol) and Procare Powder here:

Condition of skin surrounding stoma, before and after


For stoma care advice, contact us at 016-4062966.

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