How Often Should You Change Your Ostomy Bag?

Ostomy Ostomy Bag

Guy putting on ostomy (stoma) wafer ring onto stoma

Are you wondering how often you should change your ostomy bag (also known as stoma bag)?

Generally, changing your ostomy bag every 3 to 5 days would be a good idea.

If You Have A Colostomy

Change your ostomy bag every 3 to 5 days. [1]

If You Have An Ileostomy

Change your ostomy bag every 5 to 8 days. [2]

If You Have A Urostomy

Change your ostomy bag 1 to 2 times a week. [3]

A collection of ostomy (stoma) care products i.e., ostomy (stoma) bags, scissors, faceplates (also known as skin barrier or wafer), gloves, etc.; laid flat on pink table surface.

Tips For Changing Your Ostomy Bag

These tips will help you care for your stoma and keep track of when you should change your ostomy bag. [4]

Date your ostomy bag change.

A good way to keep track of when you last changed your ostomy bag is to simply write the date on the ostomy bag itself. Use a permanent marker so that it doesn’t get wiped off whenever it comes into contact with water! 

Set reminders.

You can also use your phone to set an alert and that will remind you to check your ostomy bag and faceplate.

Change your ostomy bag in the morning or before bedtime.

Your digestive system is generally least active before breakfast or before bedtime. So, schedule your bag change during these times!

Check itches and burning sensations.

If at any time you are wearing your ostomy bag, and you start to feel an itching or a burning sensation, check your stoma immediately. There’s a chance that there may be a leak, and leaks can cause skin excoriation. Remember, the skin surrounding your stoma should not be red, irritated, or sore.

Change your ostomy bag regularly for a healthy stoma. Get ostomy bags by the bulk for the best value for money!


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