Digestive Health Going Bad After COVID? You’re Not The Only One.

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A lot of talks have been going round on managing lingering symptoms after COVID-19 and the importance of taking enough rest after the whole episode. From persistent cough, breathlessness, muscle pain and a heightened infection risk, post-COVID recovery depends very much on managing the symptoms. There are also some symptoms, such as the ones which impact your vital organs like the heart that need a lot of preemptive care and must not be neglected, including the ones which impact your digestive system.

Now, doctors are also highlighting that a recovered COVID patient should also pay attention to any lingering gastrointestinal symptoms post COVID-19, and get them checked. [1]

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The Link Between COVID-19 And Gastrointestinal Infection

Noticed your gut health worsening after COVID-19? So did everyone else.

A study found that over 60% of COVID-19 patients have gastrointestinal complications. Acid reflux, digestive ailments, nausea, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea could all be common signs of gastrointestinal disturbance in patients suffering from COVID-19. While research continues to study the many vital complications related to long COVID-19, some doctors have suggested that these could act as lingering long-COVID symptoms that affect patients for as long as 3 months after recovery.

Scientists also believe that one of the primary reasons the gastrointestinal system is so acutely affected is because of the high presence of ACE2 receptors near the gut, which makes it easier for the spike protein of the coronavirus to latch itself onto, spreading and causing symptoms. Since the gut could be so acutely affected, signs of lasting gut infection can be a common long COVID manifestation and concern a patient, weeks after recovering from the virus. [1]

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How To Manage Digestive and Gastrointestinal Health After COVID Recovery?

As with most long COVID symptoms, getting enough rest and drinking fluids are helpful things to do.

Supplementation of Vitamin C, D, B12 and calcium-fortified foods is a must to take care of digestive issues. Diet-wise, experts recommend consuming whole grains, fibre-rich foods, and probiotics which soothe the stomach and promote good gut health. A good post-COVID-recovery diet should include a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and ensure that you limit, or minimize your intake of heavy, fried, processed foods which can further upset your stomach and cause problems. In the first couple of weeks post recovery, have foods which are light and filling, and easier to digest.

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