Vsure Adult Milk (400 Gram) (3 BOX)

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Formulated with a unique blend of PREBIOTICS for OPTIMUM ABSOPRTION 

Prebiotics (Inulin, FOS & GOS) are dietary fibers that help support a good intestinal environment.  VSURE GOLD as your nutritional partner specially formulated with HMB* to build your nutritional foundation for strength and vitality required for an active lifestyle. HMB* can be obtained naturally in small amount from certain food sources and the amount in human body may decrease with age. VSURE GOLD may provide complete nutrition to peoples who are looking for healthy meal preplacement or nutritional supplement in order to meet their nutritional requirement. 

3 Scoops for 8 Benefits:

1) Complete Nutrition - 28 essentail vitamins and minerals

2) Plant- based Omega 3-  Essential fatty Acids 

3) Bitter Melon Extract- Helps in glucose management

4) Optimum Absorption- Unique Prebiotic blend

5) Calcium and Vit.D-  Support development of strong bones

6) Lutein- For healthy eyes

7) High Protein 

8) High Fiber 


Replace extra sugar portion for healtier alternative

  • Healthier alternative as Vsure Adult milk slow release on carbohydrate
  • High quality protein for better absorption

Low Glycemic Index

  • Suitable for diabetics (For better sugar control) 
  • Help in burn body fat, keeping you feeling fuller for longer hours and maintain your metabolic rate which usually drop in response to a lower food intake. 

Added HMB

  • Increase muscle strength and quality 
  • Increase lean/ fat-free body mass in ageing adult 
  • Improves mobility 
  • Reduce fatigue

Added Lutien for Eye Protection

  • Protect the eye from harmful rays
  • Enhance visual function 


*This product contain Vitamin K. Individual taking Warfarin should seek advice from medical professional before consuming this product. 

Packaging: 400g/Box

Flavor Option of:

i) Vanilla Flavor

ii) Chocolate Flavor

iii) Caffe Latte Flavor