REYNARD Shampoo Cap (Rinse-Free Shampoo)
REYNARD Shampoo Cap (Rinse-Free Shampoo)
REYNARD Shampoo Cap (Rinse-Free Shampoo)
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REYNARD Shampoo Cap (Rinse-Free Shampoo)

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REYNARD Shampoo Cap

Shampoo Caps facilitate complete hair care in a disposable, rinse-free format that leaves hair smelling fresh, towel dry and ready for styling. It also offers a pragmatic solution while providing frail, ill or critical care patients with a far nicer alternative to the traditional procedures of hair washing. The Shampoo Cap is ideal for cleansing when washing facilities are not easily available. CE marked. 

- Convenient and Quick to Use
- Reduce health and safety risks
- Make hair fresh and clean 
- Kind to skin and hair 
- Complete bathing and cleansing system 
- Travel-Friendly
- Paraben-Free

Ideal for use in:
Hospitals, Intensive care, Aged care, Disability care, Palliative care, Dementia patients, Air forces/Armed forces, Camping, Confinement after childbirth, Water supply disruption

How to use:

  1. Open pack.
  2. Put shampoo cap on and make sure all of your hair is inside the shampoo cap.
  3. Start rubbing your scalp gently and softly squeezing the shampoo cap to activate foam.
  4. Wash your hair until it's clean.
  5. Remove shampoo cap and dispose responsibly.
  6. Use a clean towel to wipe dry your hair.
  7. And you're done!

Manufacturer: Reynard, UK

Packing: 1 PC/ PACK
Packing: Universal size


Best before July 2023.

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