Hurix's besVinger - Black Bean Honey Vinegar (400ml)
Hurix's besVinger - Black Bean Honey Vinegar (400ml)
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Hurix's besVinger - Black Bean Honey Vinegar (400ml)

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Hurix’s Besvinger - Black Bean Honey Vinegar is a drink formulated with malt vinegar, black bean and honey. Its unique aroma combined with sensation of taste is an ideal drink for everyone.

Ingredients List: Honey, Black Bean, Malt Vinegar

Honey: To eliminate waste and toxins. Improves digestion system, improve metabolism and enhances the immune system. (promote beautiful and radiant skin, maintain youthful look and reduce aging appearance)

Malt vinegar: Enhances the function of the digestive system, it helps in body waste elimination and healthy slimming. Rejuvenate body and immune cell, enhances the immune system and to reduce bad breath.

Black Bean: Help to invigorate vital energy, to relief of fatigue nourishes kidney, to prevent inflammation, to improve blood circulation and diuresis, to improve urinary system, to relief dropsy and to nourish black hair. Calcium content in black bean benefits those having osteoporosis and joint pain.

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