Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule (Improved)
Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule (Improved)
Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule (Improved)
Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule (Improved)
Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule (Improved)
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Hurix's 600 Fluaway Capsule (Improved)

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Traditionally used for relief of FLU and COMMON COLD, Running Nose and Nasal Congestion.

*This is a traditional product advertisement. KKLIU 0497/2019

Health Information

Cold, or common cold is a type of upper respiratory tract infection, it usually include common cold with wind-cold syndrome, common cold with wind-heat syndrome or influenza.

Common cold with wind-cold syndrome
Catch a cold, cold weather, low temperature in air-conditioning room are the main factor of common cold with wind-cold syndrome. Its early symptoms include throat itchiness, sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose etc. The sputum is generally transparent and colorless, with no fever or accompanied by low heat, chills, mild headache and body aches.

Common cold with wind-heat syndrome
In the summer heat, the air is dry or caused by climate change. Early symptoms include dry throat, sore throat, cough, fever, headache and stuffy nose, often accompanied by yellow mucus.

It is an acute upper respiratory infection caused by "influenza virus". Sudden illness, spread through droplets. The transmission speed is fast, the range is wide, and the sudden infection is extremely strong. Its early symptoms similar to common cold with wind-heat syndrome but serious than common cold. It’s usually accompanied by symptoms such as aversion to cold, high fever, severe headache, fatigue and body aches.

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