HIMALAYA Holy Basil Wellness 60's
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HIMALAYA Holy Basil Wellness 60's

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Himalaya Holy Basil Wellness 60's

What It Does:

  • Promotes optimum respiratory support
  • Supresses cough and mobilization of mucus
  • Relieves chest congestion
  • Helps suppress cough and aids the mobilization of mucus.
  • Assists in calming and dilating the lung's airways, thus relieving chest congestion.
  • The oleonolic acid, urosolic acid and polyphenolic constituents in Tulasi help in alleviating allergic or infection induced airway inflammation.
  • Modulates healthy immune response and supports early recovery from respiratory illness.

 Ideal For:

  • Seasonal cold
  • Recurrent respiratory infections
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases, asthma and bronchitis (as a supportive therapy)


Each tablet contains: Aerial part extract - 250 mg

Each 5 ml contains 112 mg of Aerial part extract

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