Flocath Hydrogel Coated Nelaton Tip

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Flocath Hyrdogel Coated Nelaton Tip
(Varied in sizes)


The basic Flocath Hydrogel offers all the advantages of the Flocath hydrophilic technology for a high standard safe and comfortable catheterisation. The Flocath catheter made of DEHP-free PVC with vertically cut and softly rounded eyes preserves the sensitive urethral mucosa. (Nelaton Tip- 2 eyes, Staggered)


  • Approved Safe
  • The Flocath catheter made of DEHP-free PVC with vertically cut and       softly rounded eyes preserves the sensitive urethral mucosa.
  • The silky hydrophilic coating of the catheter, based on PVP (Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone), provides a fast and homogeneous hydration, a highly biocompatibility, and is resistant to abrasion; its superior lubricant qualities allow it to slide easily into position.                
  • Comfortable Application
  • The special Flocath coating offering significantly lower friction that conventional coatings*
  • Extended dry-out time up to 10-15 minutes allows a relaxed catheterisation. 
  • Clean
  • No gel residue left in the urethra, bladder or on the hand 
  • Easy to Handle 
  • The packaging hole enables the pack to be opened easily, even with limited manual dexterity
  • Convenient 
  • The self-adhesive patch and the packaging hole allow the pack to be fixed on place or hung up where convenient while preparing the catheterisation procedure with both hands free. 
  • Expandable 
  • If a drainage bag is needed, it can be connected with the funnel at the end of the catheter. 
  • Individual 
  • Flocath Hydrogel is available in different lengths, diameters (sizes) and Catheters tips.
  • Additional 
  • To activate the hydrophilic coating the catheter has to be moistened by, preferably, sterile water or saline solution. 
Packaging: 30unit / Box
Product Origin:  United State (US) 
Brand:  Rusch
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