Premium Airwell Washable Facemask (Korea Fabric) [30 Pieces]

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Premium Airwell Washable Facemask [30 Pieces]


  • Washable/reusable fabric facemask made with patented Airwell Filter from Korea.
  • Inner & outer layer made from premium Korean Lycra.
  • Considering the hot & humid weather in Malaysia, it is made using quick-dry microfiber materials for the inner & outer layers
  • Being washable, it is reusable for up to 30 hand washes, yet still providing a high level of filtration that reduces the risk of contracting COVID 19.
  • A user-friendly, practical design that caters to all Malaysians, including Hijab and Turban wearing consumers; a string incorporated into the ear loop allows the user to tie it around their head for a secure and comfortable fit.


  • 30 Pieces

Available Color:

  • Black/ Dark Blue/ Grey