Cellcare 2-TDf (TYPE 50) Stoma Colostomy/ Ileostomy Bag

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Cellcare 2-TDf

Colostomy/ Ileostomy type,  Open-Ended Clipless type. 

Unique blend of Ceramide on Cellcare faceplate.

  • A comfortable fit like skin 
  • For comfortable daily living, prevent leakage and odor. 
  • Joint ring which can be fit even with eyes closed. 
  • Aeration- restoring filter with superior deodorant effect and resistance to clogging. 
  • Circular anti-soiling cover which prevent soiling of the ring groove. 

Product Specification : 

  • Pair with Cellcare 2-F (S-C-A05-18255)
  • 10 pcs in a box 
  • Bag size of 300mm x 150mm 
Packaging:   10pcs/box 
Product Origin:   Japan 
Brand:    Alcare, Japan