Brittany Sea Salt Fine (Bottled) (420g)
Brittany Sea Salt Fine (Bottled) (420g)
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Brittany Sea Salt Fine (Bottled) (420g)

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Radiant's Brittany Sea Salt is still harvested in a traditional and manual way by some 200 salters, from the Guerande salt marshes, on the French Atlantic coast of Brittany, can be considered as one of the most « ecological » creations ever devised by man. No chemical additives are allowed. It is screened, as a final step, to offer the best quality required by the consumers. 

  • Lower in Sodium
  • Has Over 80 Minerals
  • No Bleaching Agent
  • No Anti-caking Agent
  • Exquisite Taste   

The salt from Guérande is famed for its richness in magnesium and trace elements and has acquired a worldwide reputation.   Craftsmen of the salt  Our superb quality salt is produced by the most experienced salters in Guérande. From harvest to the final packaging, our salt is not subjected to any artificial treatment. The harvested salt is left to dry under the sun on the marshes until the end of the harvesting season, mid-September. It is then transported indoors, in big bags, for a draining period of a minimum of 3 months. The salt is sifted and manually and visually checked to remove impurities.


Quality Control:

Certified and controlled quality: Since 1987, our whole salt production has obtained the “Nature & Progrès” quality label.  The salt which has received the Nature & Progrès certification is harvested and processed according to Organic methods and standards. This is the highest and most stringent level of certification allowed. The quality chart guarantees § Full traceability including the origin: the producer is identified and regularly controlled by the independent certifying body. There is a registered, documented and inspected trail from the production site to the final packaging.

  • The salt is unrefined and harvested in a protected, non-polluted environment: minimum  500m away from main roads,  no risk of pesticides, chemical residues or industrial fumes or air pollution... No use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, nothing is added and nothing is removed from the product.
  • Respect of product quality from harvest to final packaging: non treated wooden or polyethylene tools only are allowed, mandatory protection between the ground and the salt, use of non-polluting loading devices (gas, electrical engines).


The traditional hand-harvesting way by salters.


Product of France

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