Wellcare Drain Stoma Care

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Fistula Drainage

  • The thin flexible skin barrier for fistula has high pH buffering ability.
  • The viscous drainage can be removed through the soft tap by milking the pouch.
  • This product is available in three sizes to be applied to fistulae in different sizes.
  • Skin Barrier, Water-Proof / Drip-Proof.
Product Code Size Specification Packing
15831 S 160mm x 95mm; 35mm 5pcs/Box
15832 M 240mm x 120mm; 100mm x 60mm 5pcs/Box
15833 L 280mm x 160mm; 120mm x 100mm 5pcs/Box


Packaging:   5pcs/box 
Product Origin:   Japan 
Brand:    Alcare, Japan