Silver Cervical Soft Collar
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Silver Cervical Soft Collar

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Silver collar designed for minimal immobilisation.

The silver effects

  • Anti-odour: promotes patient hygiene by eliminating odour
  • Antimicrobial: eliminates 99.9% bacteria in less than 1 hour
  • Anti-itch: protects the skin against infection and rashes
  • All natural: silver is safe and non-toxic, contain no chemicals
  • Permanent: the effect of silver does not decrease on washing or wearing off
  • The Silco Silver soft collar has an outer sleeve containing silver yarn. This reduces itching and smell even when the collar is worn for a long time.
  • Made of soft foam.
  • PU sheet internal reinforcement provides better immobilization.
  • Plastic bushes provided in the collar for air circulation.

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