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Natrox Oxygen Therapy for Chronic Wound Healing (Call for Price)

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NATROX Oxygen Wound Therapy is a FDA approved and CE marked simple device which has been designed to deliver 98% pure humidified oxygen to a wound to stimulate healing. Find out more about our innovative technology or contact us today.

NATROX Oxygen Wound Therapy is a small portable device about the size of a mobile phone. Its function is to produce concentrated oxygen from the surrounding air, and pass this down a thin flexible tube directly to a wound that is failing to progress as expected.

Oxygen is critical to many of the processes required in wound healing. NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy allows you to prescribe topical oxygen in a very simple, safe and extremely convenient way directly to the wound bed.

Oxygen Therapy Service

We provide below Oxygen Therapy Services

  • Service is provided based on house distance
  • Price will be varied based on type of treatment needed 
  • Coverage for home visit treatment is is depends on terms and condition
  • Service offer such as Rental, follow up, assessment on wound and etc. 
  • To know more, call our customer care line for more information 

Call us at: 016 4062966

WhatsApp us: (

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