Chicco - Toothbrush + Gum Massage Learning Together Set
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Chicco - Toothbrush + Gum Massage Learning Together Set

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Contains toothbrush and massage brush. Ideal for supporting the regular oral hygiene of the baby from the beginning.


The Chicco Training Toothbrush has a small, rounded head that is ideal for the baby’s mouth. With massaging ribs made of extra soft rubber to protect the delicate gums and a safety ring that prevents too deep insertion of the brush into the mouth. Wide, non-slip grip, easy to hold by the child. Including practical cover.


The small and rounded head of the Chicco toothbrush fits perfectly in the baby’s mouth. The extra soft tapered bristles gently clean gums and teeth. The brush neck is bent laterally to clean even hard to reach places. The toothbrush handle is wide, soft and non-slip, making it easy for parents and babies to hold. Practical, hygienic protective cap for the toothbrush head included.

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