Chicco - Fresh Relax Teether (Cherry)

Chicco - Fresh Relax Teether (Cherry)

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• Age:4m+

• Designed to refresh and soothe the gums during teething. It has ergonomic handles and different textures that enrich the chewable surface.

• Starting from the first few months, baby’s mouth has different and multiple needs.

• Chicco has designed a complete range of products to meet the individual needs of babies during the various teething phases (2m+chewing, 4m+ refreshing, 6m+ stimulating).

• Chicco new teethers line ensures the right answer for different teething phases.

• Contains sterilised water that keeps the teething ring cold for longer. Plastic handle for the child to hold. It can be stored in the refrigerator to cool the water contained in the bearing and relieve sore gums due to teething.