Bubble Mattress

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This therapy system is designed for those with superficial established pressure sore or with existing tissue damaged, or assessed to be a low risk or be at medium risk , even at very high risk of pressure sore development. It can provide excellent pressure reduction through continuous movement . It has been proven clinically beneficial and suitable for all healthcare environment.

Product Features:

  • Low Noise - New designed pump, portable, compact and ultra quite
  • Convenient hook - convenient for the product to fix on various beds
  • Manual adustable pressure - Supply the most comfortable pressure for patients of different weight
  • Comfortable fabrics - strong, waterproof and breathable, convenience washing
  • Alternate decompression - Automatic changing bodyt parts of pressure-bearing to supply comfortable laying posture

Technical Parameters

  • Rate voltage: 220vĀ Ā±Ā 10% 50HzĀ Ā±Ā 2%
  • Power: 10VA
  • Outlet Air Pressure ā‰„ 14kpa
  • Outlet flow ā‰„ 5L/min
  • Working: Continuously
  • Size (L x W x H): 200 x 90 x 9cm