Vsure Adult Milk (850g/can)

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Formulated with a unique blend of PREBIOTICS for OPTIMUM ABSOPRTION 

3 Scoops for 8 Benefits:

1) Complete Nutrition - 28 essentail vitamins and minerals

2) Plant- based Omega 3-  Essential fatty Acids 

3) Bitter Melon Extract- Helps in glucose management

4) Optimum Absorption- Unique Prebiotic blend

5) Calcium and Vit.D-  Support development of strong bones

6) Lutein- For healthy eye

7) High Protein 

8) High Fiber 


Replace extra sugar portion for healtier alternative

  • Healthier alternative as Vsure Adult milk slow release on carbohydrate
  • High quality protein for better absorption

Low Glycemic Index

  • Suitable for diabetics (For better sugar control) 
  • Keeping you feeling fuller for longer hours and maintain your metabolic rate which usually drop in response to a lower food intake. 

Added HMB

  • Increase muscle strength and quality 
  • Increase lean body mass in ageing adult 
  • Improves mobility 
  • Reduce fatigue

Added Lutien for Eye Protection

  • Protect the eye from harmful rays
  • Enhance visual function 


Packaging: 850g/can

Flavor: Vanilla Flavour