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Ever wonder why suddenly your skin felt dry, crack, and painful? Does this sound familiar to you? 
"Man..I don like  to use their hand sanitizer because its too sticky and make my skin dry and crack. " 

" Wow.. the alcohol inside so strong! I can feel it burn my skin"  




The question to ponder upon:- 

The higher the alcohol better? How many times I use and reapply? It is safe for my child? 

OK, the first question. Is the higher the alcohol, the better it is? Must it use alcohol? 

"Well, the reason for alcohol in sanitizer is that it will break the outer protective layer of the bacteria. Upon breaking it, the alcohol will eliminate the nuclear in it. And voila! Eliminate the harmful bacteria. As per recommended by CDC, a hand sanitizer at least must have a minimal of 60% alcohol in it. "

But next question peoples face. How many times I to reapply and why sticky? 

" If water and soap easily access, do please do so. But, if no, use of sanitizer during this situation is very important. Recommended after 4-5 times reapplication, best advice to wash it as it start getting thicker and sticky."

SM Hand Sanitizer is a unique blend of its own. With 76% of alcohol, aloe vera, carbomer &, etc. Not only it protect but at the same time moisturize it. Its green amber colour is the signature of our sanitizer Furthermore, its KKM approves with  NOT number. 



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