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Ever wonder how earth can you find a good quality, easy to use with 24 language option Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in Malaysia. Let alone in Island of Borneo? Here my dear fellow Malaysia, CardiAid Malaysia is here for you.Β 

CardiAid is a brand that no longer strange when talk and share about the big name in AED. It share the similar function and purpose as other brand such as Zoll, Heartsine and other. Each with their own amazing features.Β 

What is CardiAid AED and how does it come in handy?Β 


CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is an easy-to-use device, specially designed for public access use, to provide life-saving electroshock treatment for a patient having SCA within the critical first minutes, until the professional care is available. Given the distant between places to Hospitals in Borneo, this indeed and added advantages for all.Β Beside its successful detection and treatment algorithm, CardiAid AED is perfect for public access use, because it provides comprehensive assistance to the user.

You does not need to be someone with CPR certificate nor knowlegde to use CardiAid AED. As this device is Public Access Good product, it can be used by anyone who in need of the product. But, going thru with CPR Training will give one an extra courage and benefits during these critical moment.Β 

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