Ultimate Guide To Stoma Care (Free Starter Kit Available)

Did you know?

Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer among men in Malaysia. And most colorectal cancer patient would have to undergo ostomy surgery. Some may be temporary, while others (approximately about 10% of patients would end up having a permanent ostomy.

What is a stoma?

An ostomy is a surgical opening made on the abdomen – that brings part of the intestine and ureter out of the abdomen. Its purpose is to create a new pathway for the excretion of stool, urine and gas.  The new opening on the abdomen is known as a stoma.

The different types of Ostomy:

Different ostomy conditions would need different stoma bag and appliances. With this knowledge, it is good for us to know the difference.

  • Colostomy
  • Ileostomy
  • Urostomy

Aside from Colon Cancer, here's a few other diseases that may require stoma formation:

  • Rectum Cancer
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Intestinal Obstruction
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Uterus Cancer
  • Hirschsprung Disease
  • Anal Atresia


We understand your struggles.

Ostomy patients often find themselves concerned with the following:

  • Issues related to ostomy equipment and self-care (e.g. bag leakage, skin rashes / redness)
  • Clothing restrictions and adaptations
  • Dietary concerns
  • Lifestyle changes - constantly needing to find solutions to adjust to living with a stoma. 

Thus, we are here to help. 

To address the concerns of bag leakage and skin conditions caused by the adhesive of stoma bags, it is important to help you get the right stoma bag and stoma care products.

If you need further assistance, connect with us today!
We'll arrange for a free consultation with our stoma care specialist.
And don't miss out on our free stoma sample.


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